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Brief Introduction on University

Run schools by a group

Haojing International Education Group is an international education group with the status of independent legal person, integrating higher education, science and research & development, clothing brand, pharmaceutical marketing and industrial base. Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University, Haojing College of Shaanxi University of Science & Technology, Shaanxi Science Technology and Management College, Sikalei · Bode Clothing Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 505 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other units are all under its jurisdiction. Lv Ming, university founder and president, is a young pioneer and innovator of Chinese non-government funded education, who is honored as Top Ten Distinguished Youth of Shaanxi.

University overview

Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University is an ordinary university established upon approval of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China in 1994. It currently set School of Costume Art, School of Information Engineering, School of Economics and Management, School of Arts Engineering, School of Jewelry, School of Foreign Languages, School of Constructional Engineering and School of Pharmaceutical Engineering. At present, it totally has 55 majors for undergraduates and junior college students. It has good schooling base, stronger schooling strength and distinct education characteristics. It insists on strengthening connotation construction and deepening education and teaching reform so as to develop stably in innovation and improve constantly in development.

It is located at side of Haojing Site-capital of the Western Zhou Dynasty of China, and inland-type economic development and opening strategic highland of our country. The campus in Xi’an Xixian New Area occupies 729.1 Mu with a building area of 301,000m2. The campus presents a landscape style architectural composition: different styles of modern buildings, including teaching buildings, science and technology complex building, library, office building, student apartments, etc., music fountain and ecological gardens enhance each other’s beauty. It is an elegant institution of higher education giving off strong artistic ambience with beautiful scenery and deep atmosphere of humanism.

Run a school by experts

We engage many experts to guide professional construction of our university, including Professor Li Xin, expert of Beijing Research Institute of Fashion, Professor Yuan Ze of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Professor Zhu Songwen of Xi’an Polytechnic University, Professor Hua Mei, expert of history of costume of Tianjin Normal University, Professor Zhang Wenbin of Donghua University, Dilianzuo, Secretary General of Union of World Master Tailors and counselor of Italy Association of Costume Makers and Designer and so on. Tang Zifeng, head of our Research Institution of Costume customized clothing for Warren Buffet (Stock God) and hosts of CCTV. We currently has over 400 full-time teachers, including over 170 teachers holding professional and technical posts above sub-senior and over 170 teachers with graduate degree. We have established a high-level teaching group who is full of vitality, creative and adapts to development needs of our university with reasonable structure and good quality.

Distinct characteristics

In accordance with the theory on school management of “marketization thought, international vision and characteristic development”, in school-running practice, we insist on principles of “developing university on quality, enhancing university by talents and running university by law”, constantly deepen education and teaching reform, strengthen connotation construction and form distinct school-running characteristics. We take cultivation of high-level application-type talents laying stress on practice and being good at application with more solid foundation, broader knowledge, engineering ability and innovation spirit as basic task with good education quality and high employment rate in previous years. And graduates are universally well received by employers.

Hardware facilities

Our hardware teaching conditions are complete and facilities are advanced and perfect. We have over 50 professional labs, including textile lab, costume CAD design center, art and craft room, animation lab, advertising production lab, network lab, embedded lab, logistics lab, electronics lab, circuit lab, physics lab and so on, costume training base supported by central finance, Shaanxi Provincial art training base and large-scale costume training workshop as well as modern teaching facilities, including recording studio, photo studio, campus TV and so on. Total value of teaching instruments and equipment is near RMB 50 million. There are over 600 thousand volumes of paper books in library. The campus network system taking over 2000 computers as terminals could enable students to study online, take national professional qualification certificate examination, take computer NIT and grade examination training, which provides favorable conditions for students to broaden horizons, strength practice, improve ability, adapt to working environment as soon as possible. 


Ji Xianlin Chinese Classics Institute

Mr. Ji Xianlin, master of Chinese culture, attached importance to dissemination of Chinese classics thought before his death and personally authorized Lv Ming, university president, to open Ji Xianlin Chinese Classics Institute. Currently, Chinese Classics Institute sets Ji Xianlin memorial hall, academic research center, Chinese classics research institution, general history research institution, publishing house, national apparel research institution, traditional Chinese painting research institution, traditional Chinese medicine research institution, black pottery research institution and others so as to realize long-cherished wish of Mr. Ji, namely promoting Chinese classics thought of 56 nationalities and deriving it from and applying it to folks. The memorial hall displays and saves nearly one thousand of pictures, real objects and over ten thousand of manuscripts and books of Mr. Ji. The establishment of Ji Xianlin Chinese Classics Institute enriches school-running connotation and makes great Chinese classics thought nourish youth students from generation to generation and thus becomes an education holy land of Chinese traditional culture with distinct characteristics.

Theory on school management

We put forward the theory on school management of “marketization thought, international vision and characteristic development”, are committed to cultivation of high-level application-type talents laying stress on practice and being good at application with more solid foundation, broader knowledge, engineering ability and innovation spirit, insist on industry-university-research cooperation, establish a talent quality monitoring system based on our university and introducing social evaluation mechanism, and carry out knowledge and ability comprehensive examination and evaluation dominated by application ability. 

Peaceful campus (only 8 colleges and universities win this honorary title in the whole province)

Since establishment, we have been taking establishment a “civilized, positive, harmonious, peaceful and green” campus as the objective, deepening reform of student management system, insisting on guiding thought for student management of “education-oriented, strict management, strict in discipline, celebration of individualism and all-round development” and constantly strengthening and innovating student management methods; thus remarkable results have been achieved and the record of no major accident for successively 18 years is kept. Therefore, the honorary title of “peaceful campus” of Shaanxi Province is granted to us by Shaanxi Provincial Comprehensive Social Management Commission, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education and Shaanxi Provincial Department of Public Security.

Industry-university-research cooperation

Research Institution of Costume of Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University is the unit of garment customization for hosts of CCTV.

Industry-university-research cooperation: provide a good place for teachers and students to link theory with practice, carry out teaching research and research & develop new products. The Research Institution has successively customized high grade garments for Warren Buffett-world Stock God, Yu Dan-a well-known scholar of Lecture Room, Qian Wenzhong, hosts of CCTV, and movie and TV stars, and won unanimous praise.

Sikalei · Bode Clothing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Shaanxi Sikalei · Bode Clothing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. cooperates with our university. It is not only an independent clothing manufacturer, but also the practice base for us, which provides broad platform for teachers and students to timely transformation of research results and creates efficiency for enterprise.

505 Pharmaceutical Factory: 5050 Pharmaceutical Factory subordinated to 505 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise. It is the practice factory for School of Medicine Engineering of our university, which provides broad platform for teachers and students to timely transformation of research results and creates efficiency for enterprise.

International exchange

We actively develop international exchange and cooperation and have successively established educational exchanges and cooperative relationships with multiple institutions of America, Italy, Australia, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Netherlands, Iceland, France, Japan and other countries. In addition, we appoint teachers and students to the above-mentioned countries to visit, study and carry out cooperative research; meanwhile, we invite foreign experts and scholars to give lectures at our university so as to absorb overseas fine resources and teachers and researchers to participate in our teaching and management, push development of our university to a higher level and pave the way for our excellent graduates to study abroad.

Employment and innovation

Our graduates in previous years are short in supply with increasing employment quality year by year. We have successively established long-term cooperative relationships on talent supply & demand with nationwide famous enterprises. Graduates distribute in Shaanxi, Beijing, Shanghai and other places as well as Korea, Singapore, Japan and other countries. What’s more, many graduates have become enterprise elites or successful practitioners of self-employment.

School-enterprise and interschool cooperation

We have signed school-enterprise cooperation agreement with Top 500 enterprises both at home and abroad, including Shandong Ruyi Group, Sunshine Group, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Huawei and Lenovo, etc., signed strategic agreement on co-construction of campus with Xianyang Xinxing Textile Industry Park and signed supporting agreement on collaborative innovation, co-development of teachers and resource sharing with Xi’an Polytechnic University so as to further strengthen speed and strength of school-enterprise and interschool cooperation. We are accelerating to transform to a technology-bases university, exploring new modes and ways for cultivating application-type talents, developing cooperation with employers in all rounds, all fields and the whole process and striving to cultivate more better high-quality technical talents for our country.

                        Source: Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University    

                        Update time till: Nov. 2014

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