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Name of training room:

Recording studio

Majors of training room service:

Recording studio is mainly used for professional practical training of broadcasting and hosting major, mainly for the training of radio, film and television industry and the front-line of companies related to language expression. Recording studio is mainly used for the cultivation of professional application-oriented multi-skill talents who support the Party's basic line with a wide range of cultural knowledge, artistic level and good occupation morality, all-round development of morality, intelligence and physical body, general basic theory knowledge of broadcasting and hosting and expression skills of multi-language, and higher vocation special talents who can undertake language art work at all levels of various TV stations, radio stations, advertising agencies, education, tourism and telecom companies. Graduates can get engaged in broadcasting, program hosting, exhibition hosting, commentator and so forth at provincial TV stations, radio stations, newspaper offices, magazine offices, Media companies, wedding celebration companies or national promotion organizations

Training room equipment:

1. digital mixer 2. audio capture card 3. recording studio computer PC 4. capacitor microphone, electret microphone 5. microphone amplifier 6. control room monitor earphone 7. recording room monitor earphone 8. comprehensive effector 9. earphone distributor 10. wire, music stand, blowout control, loudspeaker box and tray, recording microphone rack and other recording studio auxiliary equipment.

 Recording studio

Courses of training room

Recording studio mainly takes responsibility for professional teaching of broadcasting and hosting major. Main tasks: education tasks of film and television dubbing art, broadcasting program practical training and literary works performance, etc.

(1) News studio equipment names: 1. camera (one set of foot stand, video and audio cable) 2. three base color cold light source soft light 3. mixer 4. switching machine 5. microphone, portable microphone 6. ddy-cue 7.rocker arm 8. track

(2) News studio is mainly used for professional teaching of broadcasting and hosting major. Its main tasks are TV program practical training and teaching task of impromptu oral expression course, etc.

News studio