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Jewelry School of Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University was founded in 2007, which is an ordinary university carrying out education on gemology and offering gemology major relatively early in China. Over past 8 years, we have cultivated over 1000 undergraduates and junior college students, and supplied groups of professional personnel for developing jewel and jade industry of our country. 

The Jewelry School of our university has outstanding faculties, teaching and scientific research work of which is lead by teachers holding FGA diploma ofGreat Britain. A teaching body dominated by younger teachers is established and thus level of faculties is improved rapidly.

Supported by special funds for education of Provincial Department of Education, Jewelry School establishes 8 training (laboratory) rooms for gem appraisal, diamond identification & classification, jewelry design and processing, gem processing, jade caving, general geology and crystal optics, jewel and jade marketing and gem & jade specimen. In addition, it owns over 300 sets of domestic and overseas advanced instrument and equipment used for identification, classification, deign, processing, caving and other aspects, and over one hundred varieties of and over ten thousand pieces (grains) of gem specimens. It takes the leading position in gemology teaching and scientific research in the westernChina.

Jewelry School closely coordinates with social organizations, such as Xi’an Association of Gem and Jade, Shaanxi Provincial Chamber of Commerce of Jewelry, etc. and cooperates with multiple jewelry testing organizations and jewelry enterprises in Shaanxi to establish more than ten off-campus training bases, which set up a good platform for students to do social practice.

Through wide thorough investigation of jewelry markets, the School has established a concept of driving teaching activities by four projects, namely “testing of precious metal like jewelry”, “gem processing”, “jewelry design and manufacturing” and “jewelry marketing”. These four projects run through the whole process of teaching, substantially improve time and initiative of participating in social practice by students and make their capability for scientific research, design capability, innovation capability, management capability and social adaptation capability enhance greatly; thus, graduates are well received by employers and employment rates of graduates in previous years all exceed 90%, which wins a good reputation for Jewelry School.

Jewelry School will insist on successful theory on school management, carry out the new requirement of “nation-wide entrepreneurship” and “innovation by all people” put forward by our party and country and constantly cultivate high-quality, high-skilled and innovation-type jewelry talents by combining with laws and characteristics of development of jewelry industry.