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   On April 7th at 9 a.m., the infrastructure construction programme review meeting was convened by our university in the meeting room on the first floor of the School of Chinese Classics. The Canadian architect and interior designer from Xinhua Construction Co., Ltd. Waler, the American architectural designer from Mohawk Industries, Inc. Drew, General Manager Su Weicheng, General Designer Chen Liangquan and Design Director Zhou Juan from Taiwan Jingqun Planning and Design Academy, Vice-General Manager Miao Yanchun from Beijing Volk Superior Furniture Co., Ltd., and President Lv Ming, Dean Wang Pengfei, Secretary of the Party Committee Zhang Jinping, Executive Dean Li Li, Vice-Dean Lv Chao, Wen Xiaozheng, Zhao Huaili, Vice-Secretary Liu Mingfu, and Vice-Dean Chen Dengwen of our university attended the review meeting.

Planning Designers from Canada and the USA and Leaders of the University Looked Over the Construction Site of the New Building

   President Lv Ming spoke the first. He said that it is the third time that the guests from Taiwan Jingqun Planning and Design Academy come to our university. This time, I sincerely hope that all of you could, in combination with the actual works we have done and the part of the work we are in charge, state your opinions and suggestions unreservedly on the infrastructure planning programme of the new building, for the reason that we are going to sign the formal contract on the programming plan after the revise.

   General Manager of Taiwan Jingqun Planning and Design Academy Su Weicheng delivered a speech and arranged an expert to specifically introduce their “Infrastructure Construction Programme on the New Building of Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University”.

  After that, the participating leaders Wang Pengfei, Zhang Jinping, Li Li, etc. respectively voiced their opinions and suggestions on the “Programme”.